Stakeholder Reports

Stakeholder Engagement Report 2022/23

Over the past year, South Africa was forced to concede a grey listing by the Financial Action Task Force, despite a concerted effort by the National Treasury and broader government, which will require significant effort to remediate. Our economy remains lacklustre, as Eskom continues to underperform, while the elections due in 2024 will provide an opportunity for increased social unrest and unrealistic demands and promises. The paradigm of starting with investment to generate the economic growth that stimulates job creation and leads to social cohesion, could be severely disrupted.

Stakeholder Engagement Report 2021/22

As we emerge from the National State of Disaster, and the mask wearing protocols of the Covid-19 pandemic are no longer visible, society is beginning to return to a new normal. Remote work has become a viable alternative as many businesses, particularly in the financial sector, scale down premises and move to a blended model, where staff work one or two days a week in the office.
The R350 Social Distress Relief grant, that was introduced to support those with no income during the pandemic, is likely to be converted to a more permanent basic income grant, while many citizens that preferred cash for its convenience, have transitioned to digital banking and on-line shopping out of necessity.
Unfortunately, there were also challenges like the national vaccination programme of government in response to the Covid-19 pandemic …

Stakeholder Engagement Report 2020/21

The past year has been dominated by the impact of Covid-19 and as we gather for the 2021 AGM, we are in the middle of a third wave with a variant of the Covid-19 virus, that is more transmissible than ever before. Many lives have been lost and most families have been touched by the reality of the pandemic as family and friends became infected. Our condolences go out to those that have lost loved ones, and we hope that with the aggressive vaccination programme being rolled out for our country, we will achieve rapid population immunity. Reflecting on COEFS during this period, we took leave of Mr Leon Campher at our last AGM and welcomed Ms Bongi Kunene, the new managing director of BASA. The board remains a key success factor of COEFS and drives the research agenda.

Stakeholder Engagement Report 2019/20

During the past year, the governance of COEFS remained an important focal point with the appointment of a new chairman, Mr. Bert Chanetsa for a term of three-years, and the finalisation of the board charter. We welcomed new board members Ms. Karabo Morule, the former Managing Director of Old Mutual Personal Finance and Ms. Bongi Kunene, the incoming Managing Director of The Banking Association South Africa to the board. We also said goodbye to Mr. Leon Campher with his role at ASISA increasingly demanding more of his time to be committed to national initiatives to rebuild the economy.